Thursday, December 14, 2006

You know, all that is wrong with Penny and Aggie can be summed up in this sentence:

They named a character THARQA.

"Tharqa" isn't the name of human teen female. It's a species from Star Trek. It's a noise you make when you're clearing your throat. It's a bunch of random letters strung together. But it does not, in any way, resemble an actual name.

(Okay, I fully expect people to start telling me about all the Tharqas they have known and loved. I'ma tell you right now, I don't believe you. "Tharqa" is NOT a real name. You're going to have to scan in birth certificates as proof.)

Jinx says: "she's not a human though. She's fat! So she gets a weird name to show her otherwordliness, that sounds like the name of a troll."

Word. Why didn't T Campbell just call her "Belligerent Bertha" and be done with it?



Bob said...

You've got a point on that. Tharqa... maybe the point is that her parents were 'trek geeks? Maybe she's the child of Tim Mitts, from FAANS?

It sometimes seems like, with Penny and Aggie, they're trying too hard. But I'm with you- I can't stop reading it for the life of me.

T Campbell said...

Actually it's an Andean flute:

Don't read our stuff if it makes you unhappy! Go out and find work that really speaks to you. There's a lot of work out there, and life's too short.

talking about things that don't matter said...

Bob - yes, I think it may be a case of trying too hard. I think I keep reading it because every once in a while, something really shines. And I keep waiting for that shine again.

T Campbell - Heh, I'm slightly embarrassed that one of the first few comments on this blog is from someone whose work I'm ranting about.

It doesn't make me unhappy, exactly. As I said above, I keep reading because I'm waiting for those really good moments that occasionally happen. It's just frustrating because it's something that seems to have a lot of potential, yet, more often than not, falls flat.

Thanks for the link on the tharqa! I'm still not sure it's a name, but at least I'm informed. :)


talking about things that don't matter said...

Naw, stuff that makes us miserable goes into the 'what the hell just happened to Winger?' folder, never to be looked at again.

Also, I think I own a tharqa.