Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Randy Millholland, you magnificent bastard!


This. This is the reason why Som*Pos is one of the best webcomics around today. It was the first webcomic I fell in love with, and I've never read another I liked better. Milholland knows how to build the plot and the tension, and to bring an element in from what might seem like left field, but really, makes all the sense in the world, and makes great use of the history of the strip. Milholland writes the hell out of his characters too - again, building on years of backstory and plots, and he knows exactly how to make the readers gasp, giggle, cry, bitch, rage, and beg for more, more, more!

Congratulations on Year Five, man. It really doesn't get better.

(FTR, when Jinx and I were talking about what was to come last night, he totally called it. He has psychic comic powers!)


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