Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hi hi hi hi

I'm Jinx! Lilac is next, she's the other poster.

We realized we spent a lot of time talking about this so we went ahead and made a blog so we could be publically ridiculed. I mean. Share. I have no self confidence.

I want to talk about webomics. I have a great deal of experience in this, having been talking about webcomics for years. And by 'talking about' I mean I im Lilac and go 'omg'.

It's sort of the same, yes?

Disclaimers about my taste:

Favourites (comics I favour will be like these ones, most likely. So if I insult anything you like, it may just be because I'm narrowminded. Or it sucks):

Starslip Crisis
Alien Loves Predator
Elf Only Inn
Scary Go Round
Cat and Girl
Something Positive
Schlock Mercenary

Comics I Hate But Can't Stop Reading God Help Me:

Penny and Aggie
Kevin and Kell
Evil Inc.

Comic Pet Peeves:

The plot that goes on for over a year when it's just them standing around talking.
T Campbell's writing
Beating a theme into the ground until it's a thin paste
Tv/Movie parodies that go on for months
Having to explain why I'm reading Jack to a very concerned person who should stop reading over my shoulder
When it becomes indistinguishable from For Better Or For Worse
When the Fourth Wall files assault charges


Brad said...

That may be the best compliment I've ever received! Thank you!

talking about things that don't matter said...

Your comic is addictive! I'm actually rather liking the Evil Atom stuff and the bios you've been posting.

I will now go back to cowering in a corner because the blog got found before we could even say anything nice.