Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I wish my name wasn't a prediction

Jinx here!

So uh, before we even got a chance to say anything nice, a pair of authors found us. Um. Thank you for not telling us we sucked, we're just getting started and we didn't mean for anyone to find this until we actually got down to writing.

It's actually Penny and Aggie's fault we made this, it was the comic we talked about the most.

So it sort of works that he's the first one to find us. In a 'let me die now' kind of way.

Something new to me I like:

I've finished reading all the archives for Goblins and I really really like it. I don't know why, because really violent stuff makes me all wincey, and if there's one thing Goblins has... it's a lot of violence and sudden, painful character death. The fate of this spoiler, for instance, still sticks with me

It's about these DnD goblins and what happens when their camp gets raided one time too many.

They've mostly all got names from the Fortune Teller that describe parts of their destinies. Chief, Big Ears, Asks Nonsense, Dies Horribly, etc.

Favourite moment:
Cheap gag gone horribly right

Plus the art really grows on you. I like this comic!

Quick notes:

Elf Only Inn is in the middle of a nice little plot, and I'm sort of torn between wanting to watch April make more confessions for one-liners or finding out who Barbvine is. My vote is on Geoph, because I'm having trouble thinking of anyone else. Now, if I could only think of a single motive...

I'm sort of freaked out by how Dave's face hasn't really changed expression in a while, but now that I think about it, the face didn't really do that much before, of course, now it's more blank than disinterested or scared.

Lupin is the cutest and I really wish the posters on the messageboard hadn't suggested incest for Dave's little heart when he met his daughter because that's haunting me.

The other storyline I'm really enjoying right now is Starslip Crisis which has sent Cutter off to command school. It's sort of like Legally Blonde, except with a drunken space pirate, no lawyers, and a talking squid.

But I've been picturing that one really angry student as a chihuahua so the image fits, okay.

Good christ, Lilac is better at this than me.


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