Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Randy Millholland, you magnificent bastard!


This. This is the reason why Som*Pos is one of the best webcomics around today. It was the first webcomic I fell in love with, and I've never read another I liked better. Milholland knows how to build the plot and the tension, and to bring an element in from what might seem like left field, but really, makes all the sense in the world, and makes great use of the history of the strip. Milholland writes the hell out of his characters too - again, building on years of backstory and plots, and he knows exactly how to make the readers gasp, giggle, cry, bitch, rage, and beg for more, more, more!

Congratulations on Year Five, man. It really doesn't get better.

(FTR, when Jinx and I were talking about what was to come last night, he totally called it. He has psychic comic powers!)


I wish my name wasn't a prediction

Jinx here!

So uh, before we even got a chance to say anything nice, a pair of authors found us. Um. Thank you for not telling us we sucked, we're just getting started and we didn't mean for anyone to find this until we actually got down to writing.

It's actually Penny and Aggie's fault we made this, it was the comic we talked about the most.

So it sort of works that he's the first one to find us. In a 'let me die now' kind of way.

Something new to me I like:

I've finished reading all the archives for Goblins and I really really like it. I don't know why, because really violent stuff makes me all wincey, and if there's one thing Goblins has... it's a lot of violence and sudden, painful character death. The fate of this spoiler, for instance, still sticks with me

It's about these DnD goblins and what happens when their camp gets raided one time too many.

They've mostly all got names from the Fortune Teller that describe parts of their destinies. Chief, Big Ears, Asks Nonsense, Dies Horribly, etc.

Favourite moment:
Cheap gag gone horribly right

Plus the art really grows on you. I like this comic!

Quick notes:

Elf Only Inn is in the middle of a nice little plot, and I'm sort of torn between wanting to watch April make more confessions for one-liners or finding out who Barbvine is. My vote is on Geoph, because I'm having trouble thinking of anyone else. Now, if I could only think of a single motive...

I'm sort of freaked out by how Dave's face hasn't really changed expression in a while, but now that I think about it, the face didn't really do that much before, of course, now it's more blank than disinterested or scared.

Lupin is the cutest and I really wish the posters on the messageboard hadn't suggested incest for Dave's little heart when he met his daughter because that's haunting me.

The other storyline I'm really enjoying right now is Starslip Crisis which has sent Cutter off to command school. It's sort of like Legally Blonde, except with a drunken space pirate, no lawyers, and a talking squid.

But I've been picturing that one really angry student as a chihuahua so the image fits, okay.

Good christ, Lilac is better at this than me.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Quick takes

YOU GUYS! I AM VERY WORRIED ABOUT DAVAN! But it sure is nice to see Monette (I <3 Monette!). I wonder what her surprise could be! Heh.

Other quick thoughts:

T Rex is right. That is a sweet epitaph.

This is from a couple of weeks ago. But is that an audible joke in a visual medium, or is this something funny about the way St. Maarten is written that I'm not getting?

I totally have a girl-crush on Robin. Is this something I should be ashamed of?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You know, all that is wrong with Penny and Aggie can be summed up in this sentence:

They named a character THARQA.

"Tharqa" isn't the name of human teen female. It's a species from Star Trek. It's a noise you make when you're clearing your throat. It's a bunch of random letters strung together. But it does not, in any way, resemble an actual name.

(Okay, I fully expect people to start telling me about all the Tharqas they have known and loved. I'ma tell you right now, I don't believe you. "Tharqa" is NOT a real name. You're going to have to scan in birth certificates as proof.)

Jinx says: "she's not a human though. She's fat! So she gets a weird name to show her otherwordliness, that sounds like the name of a troll."

Word. Why didn't T Campbell just call her "Belligerent Bertha" and be done with it?


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I am Lilac, and Jinx has convinced me the world needs to know our thoughts on webcomics. Since we talk about them, ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.

Comics I like:

Something Positive
Friendly Hostility
Drink At Work
Dinosaur Comics
Questionable Content

Comics I read, but am not sure why:

Penny and Aggie (oh god make it stop)

I also read some newspaper comics on the web, like Doonesbury and For Better or For Worse. Thus, there might be some dangerous rants about FBOFW. Beware!

A newspaper comic site that is well worth your time:

The Comics Curmudgeon

That's about it for me for now. Stay tuned for stunning and insightful commentary. Or at least, "OMG OMG YOU GOTTA READ THIS!"


Hi hi hi hi

I'm Jinx! Lilac is next, she's the other poster.

We realized we spent a lot of time talking about this so we went ahead and made a blog so we could be publically ridiculed. I mean. Share. I have no self confidence.

I want to talk about webomics. I have a great deal of experience in this, having been talking about webcomics for years. And by 'talking about' I mean I im Lilac and go 'omg'.

It's sort of the same, yes?

Disclaimers about my taste:

Favourites (comics I favour will be like these ones, most likely. So if I insult anything you like, it may just be because I'm narrowminded. Or it sucks):

Starslip Crisis
Alien Loves Predator
Elf Only Inn
Scary Go Round
Cat and Girl
Something Positive
Schlock Mercenary

Comics I Hate But Can't Stop Reading God Help Me:

Penny and Aggie
Kevin and Kell
Evil Inc.

Comic Pet Peeves:

The plot that goes on for over a year when it's just them standing around talking.
T Campbell's writing
Beating a theme into the ground until it's a thin paste
Tv/Movie parodies that go on for months
Having to explain why I'm reading Jack to a very concerned person who should stop reading over my shoulder
When it becomes indistinguishable from For Better Or For Worse
When the Fourth Wall files assault charges