Friday, May 4, 2007

Long time, no see, sweet blog!

Man, this not being able to log in thing is tough, I tell you. TOUGH!

So, Penny and Aggie is wrapping up its current storyline, and you know? It was pretty good. The pacing was way too slow, and there were strips where nothing whatsoever actually happened, but still! Character development! Things (eventually) happened! Things (mostly) made sense! Way to go, P&A!

In other news, how much fun is Friendly Hostility? I love this spur of the moment roadtrip to Vegas to help Fox get his groove back. I love the twists and turns this strip takes. I love that it's not afraid to be silly. Most of all, I love Derringer. Can we have more of him, please?

That's it for today. Welcome back!


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